Precious Moment

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Precious moments are unique experiences that shines eternally like stars in the sky. 

Made from exotic combination of Cardamom, a distinct yet prominent sense of aromatic pleasure coming from dried fruits serving as top note and uniquely fragrant flowers, Precious Moment is recognized for its depth, sensuality and warmth. Subtle scent from mildly spicy, little nutty, sweet, a bit woody and uniquely flavored Cardamom adds significantly to each of your precious moment.  Dried aromatic feel of saffron with its exclusively spicy, creamy, smooth, sweet-peppery smell boosts the everlasting seduction ultimately turning the special moments into precious ones.

Family:  Oriental Spicy

Top Notes:


Cardamom, Dried Fruits

Heart Notes:

 Night blooming Tuberose, Saffron Flower, Tobacco Flower

Base Notes:

Patchouli Leafs